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“I think [these sorts of tasks] helped my learning. Because you worked on skills that you already had, but they made you put them all together. So technically it’s a new skill. Putting them together and using all of them at the same time.”
                                      Year 6 student, Darwin, Australia

Kids Doing Homework

Primary Lessons

The fish n chips task

This article from Carly Sawatzki and Peter Sullivan encourages schools and teachers to consider ways to embed financial literacy tasks in mathematics lessons more often, and includes an authentic task to try with your students.

Designed for teaching Year 5 and 6 students.

Sahm's social enterprise

Mathematics is a powerful tool that can raise awareness of inequity and help young people to make sense of complex social issues. This article presents a task that explores the role of social entrepreneurship in helping people who are experiencing housing and food insecurity.

Designed for teaching Year 5 and 6 students.

Secondary Lessons

Using mathematics to drive future-focused financial capability

This article offers a learning sequence where students learn to mathematise, problem-solve and reason in financial contexts. As part of their mathematical modelling students are also asked to consider their values around fast fashion. Are they climate-conscious consumers?

Designed for teaching Year 7 students.

Doing the maths on buy now pay later

This article presents tasks designed to help students to discover the circumstances under which it might be okay to use Afterpay compared with when it might lead to trouble. This is important preparation for considering product disclosure and terms and conditions of use statements.

Designed for teaching Year 7 and 8 students.

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