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About me

My career in education spans 20+ years.

As a professional educator, my work extends across the primary and secondary years, and commerce, humanities and mathematics learning areas. 

I have designed, led and taught university courses in curriculum and pedagogy, educational policy, educational leadership, educational research, and adolescent development.

The focus of my work is young people and their learning. I ask teachers to hold the status quo in education to scrutiny and imagine different possibilities for connecting young people with the curriculum. 


I am particularly interested in challenging and fast-moving curriculum areas where teachers tend to lack confidence, like mathematics, finance and digital technologies.

My research is internationally recognised and disseminated to the broadest possible audience.


I draw on data and evidence to argue the importance of adopting local, culturally relevant practices that align classroom tasks and pedagogies with the diverse identities, experiences, values, and norms students bring to their learning.


I write for scholarly journals, teacher publications, and the media, including for The Conversation, the EduResearch Matters Blog and Teacher Magazine. 


I am regularly engaged by teacher associations and schools, being recognised as a dynamic, thought-provoking presenter who is dedicated to involving school leaders and teachers in professional learning that promotes critical conversation, inspires innovation, and transforms pedagogical practice.

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