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Informed Talks


Financial capability:
What? How? Who?

Deakin University recently hosted a free networking event for people working to improve financial education at school via roles within government agencies, universities, not-for-profit organisations, and teacher associations.

Listen to the Q&A with our panel of thought leaders, who shared research and practical insights from their work within communities.


Professor Chris Matthews

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance

Hannan Amin

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

Dr Carly Sawatzki

Deakin University


Ideas that get you thinking

Rethinking the possibilities for financial education at school

Westpac Massey Fin-Ed Centre

The opening keynote address at the Building Financially Capable Communities Conference in Auckland, November 2019.

Raising financially savvy children

ABC Radio Nightlife

A panel of experts talks about why Australian 15 year olds are falling behind in an international assessment of financial literacy.

Let's talk about money

ABC Life Matters

A talkback discussion about teaching and learning about money within families, schools and communities.

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